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Hollyburn Historic Sites Walking Tour - A Self-guided Experience


The Hollyburn Historic Sites Walking Tour is a self-guided experience that starts and ends at Hollyburn Lodge and follows the trails around First Lake. Along the route you will find a few remnants of winter recreation in the early 20th century on Hollyburn. The route is about 1.2 km in length and takes about one hour to complete.

Link to Map

To view or download walking tour brochure, click Here.

Tips for Printing

The walking tour brochure is designed to be printed double-sided on a single 8.5x11" sheet of paper and Z-folded by thirds. If you have a printer with double-sided capability, select Print on Both Sides of Paper, and Flip on Short Side. 

Go Prepared

The walk is best done in summer and fall with no snow on the ground. It follows a gravel trail with a narrower portion past the old cabin sites. Please go prepared, dress appropriately for the weather, and beware of possible muddy or slippery conditions.