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Hollyburn Lodge from the First Lake Lookout, December 6, 2016 (Photo by Anna Grant)



PROJECT 1: Hollyburn Heritage Society Website (February 18, 2007 - first web pages online)

PROJECT 2: Hollyburn Heritage Society FACEBOOK page (March 12, 2011 - first postings)

PROJECT 3: On-going collection of the history & heritage of our local mountains, with a particular focus on Hollyburn.


PROJECT 1: Replacing the"Hollyburn Ski Camp" sign on Hollyburn Ski Lodge (COMPLETED in September  2000)

PROJECT 2: The Hollyburn Mountain Entrepreneurs' picnic table beside First Lake (COMPLETED in August 2003)

PROJECT 3: Adding new handrails (with historic photos) to the new Nasmyth Bridge at the south end of First Lake (COMPLETED in August 2004)

PROJECT 4: Installation of Gerry's Snow Post beside Hollyburn Ski Lodge. Funds for this project were donated by Gerry's relatives. (COMPLETED in           September 2004)

PROJECT 5: Development of a Hollyburn Mountain History elementary school program (COMPLETED in December 2004)

PROJECT 6: Hollyburn Book Project - "Hollyburn: The Mountain and the City" (COMPLETED in November 2008)

PROJECT 7: Restoration of Fred Burfield's John Deere tractor/crawler (COMPLETED in May 2011)

PROJECT 8: "Diamond Head Chalet" video project (COMPLETED in January 2008) 

PROJECT 9: "Heroes of the Harnessed Hickory" video project (COMPLETED in March 2010)

PROJECT 10: "Hugh Aikens: Mountain Photographer" video project (COMPLETED in November 2010)

PROJECT 11: "Hollyburn Lodge through the Seasons & Generations" video project (COMPLETED March 1, 2012)

PROJECT 12: Restoration of Hollyburn Lodge: The restoration of Hollyburn Lodge is a major goal of the Hollyburn Heritage Society since its formation in 1998. A renewed Hollyburn Lodge, built in the image of the old lodge, was officially opened on January 15, 2017, the 90th anniversary of the opening of the old lodge