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 The Heaps Logging Road & the Forks Store - Then 

In the late 1930's, the Heaps Timber Company of Los Angeles bulldozed a steep, hairpin-turn, logging road into the lower edge of their 40-hectare timber lease on the Ridge. Hollyburn hikers, skiers and cabin owners vigorously opposed the logging of more land and persuaded the government of the day to buy Heaps off with an exchange of timber rights elsewhere in the province. The logging road left behind was used by Hollyburners for many years to reach the cabins and ski grounds on the Ridge. Whether hiking or riding army-surplus trucks, half-tracks or buses, they often stopped at the Forks Store, built, owned & operated by Jim Sambrook & his daughter, Katie. When road conditions were reasonably good, the vehicles could travel as far as the 'Old Mill Site', where the first commercial ski operation on the North Shore Mountains opened in January, 1925.

Photo Group 1 - 1930's -1950's

The Heaps Logging Road & the Forks Store - Now

Today (July 5, 2013), there is no visible trace of the Forks Store, except for a well-weathered sign near the Powerline cut. Photos 01 to 13 record the final approach to the former site of the Forks Store and a section of the "Old Mill" road as far as a junction with a trail (on the right) that eventually leads to the Municipal Cabin Area on Hollyburn Ridge. Photos 14 to 48 record views of a descent along a mountain bike and remnants of the Heaps logging road to a small clearing about 200 metres from Hi-View/Barrett's View Lookout.

Photo Group 2 - July 5, 2013

Photo Group 3 - July 5, 2013