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Howe Sound Crest Trail Part 2 - Strachan Meadows to West Lion Peak (Photos)

Strachan Meadows to the Glacial Ponds (Lions Lakes)

After reaching the south summit of Mt. Strachan & descending the northwest gully to the meadows below, hikers proceeded along a rough, ascending trail to Mt. St. Marks, which afforded spectacular views of Howe Sound. They then had to descend again before climbing up to the south summit of Unnecessary Mtn. After another descent & ascent, hikers, with much relief, reached the north summit of Unnecessary Mt. After enjoying a fine view of the Lions, hiker they climbed down to the glacial ponds, the largest of which was called Lions Lake in the early days.

HSCT Photo Group Part 2a

HSCT Photo Group Part 2b

Glacial Ponds to West Lions Peak

After a rest break at the glacial ponds/Lions Lake, hikers began to ascend the ridge leading to the West Lion pillar. Many hikers chose to stop their ascent at the top of this ridge. Others continuing on to the summit climbed down to a narrow saddle (today there is a chain in place) and began an exposed ascending traverse up the pillar. After completing this traverse, hikers then climbed a Grade 3 pitch to reach the top. (PLEASE NOTE: Serious injuries and deaths have occurred on this part of the route.)

HSCT Photo Group Part 2c

HSCT Photo Group Part 2d

HSCT Photo Gallery: Part 2e