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 The 'New' BCMC Trail on Grouse Mountain

The 'New' BCMC Trail on Grouse Mtn has far fewer visitors than the popular Grouse Grind Trail which lies a short distance to the west, yet it has its own unique charms. In its upper section the trail connects with the original BCMC Trail and passes through what used to be the site of Grouse Mountain's cabin community. During the 1920's, '30's, and 40's, many young skiers chose to climb this trail to reach the ski grounds rather than pay the toll on the Grouse Mountain Highway (which was often closed).

A reasonably-fit hiker will be able to make the ascent in about 90 minutes. Those new to the trail should allow for two hours. Any one attempting the 'New' BCMC Trail (or the Grouse Grind) does so at their own risk and should be properly equipped with water, snack, hiking shoes, clothing appropriate for the weather conditions, a first aid kit and a compass. A cell phone is recommended as well.

I have made over 150 ascents of the "New" BCMC Trail and am quite familiar with its 'landmarks'. I have created my own names to identify these 'landmarks in the following description of the trail.

To reach the trailhead, proceed about 200m along the Baden-Powell Trail to the start of the well-marked start to the "Grouse Grind. Continue about 50m to the "New" BCMC trailhead. Turn left and continue your ascent.

The trail meanders upwards a few hundred metres to the "First Switch-backs". In a few minutes you will pass under the "Fallen Log" (be especially careful here) and reach the "Log Gate". Looking west you might be able to see hikers on the "Grouse Grind".

Above the "Log Gate", several long switchbacks will take you to the "Stone Steps". About 10-15 minutes of steep climbing later, you will get to "Rest Stop 1" a good place for a 'water break'. The hardest part of the trail is now behind you.

The climb from here to "Halfway Point" takes 10 to 15 minutes. You will notice that the trail is less steep here.  

From "Halfway Point" to "Rest Point 2" I often feel energized, anticipating the end of the climb. One has to pace oneself here as the grade increases gradually. "Rest Point Too?" is the perfect place to take another break.

Above "Rest Point 2" you will encounter a 'rooty' section, connect with the "Old" BCMC Trail, pass through the former site of the cabin community on Grouse Mountain, have the opportunity to take short side trips to "Capilano Lake" and "Point Grey" viewpoints, and reach "High Knoll".

After "High Knoll", you may encounter muddy sections on your way to the "Road Junction".

After a short section along a gravel road, you will climb over a small rocky outcrop and proceed along the final section of the trail, encountering ceramic and plastic drain pipes before reaching "Trail's End".


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