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The Jack & Thelma Hutchinson Collection (Page 5)

Hutchinson Photo Group 17 (1940's)

Snow Train To Banff, Dominion Championships 1940

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24. Sunday, March 3rd, skier missing!
25. Dennis
26. Wes. Waiting for our skis and poles to arrive
27. Waiting for skis and poles to arrive, Sunday March 3 / 40
28. Two Revelstokians, Donny & Craig
29. Two Revelstokians, Donny & Craig  March 1st / 40 Banff
30. Wes Hodson      Wes after jumping Feb. 29 / 40
31. Pop Irwin     Feb 29 / 40   Boys jumping   Pop Irwin   Bill's dad
32. Marge English, Dick Lavery, Bill Irwin, Myrna, February 29, 1940
33. Norquay Lodge, George Garrish, Chris Engh, on steps of Lodge, John Godfrey in white jacket
34. Fred Hall & other judges, February 29, 1940, Banff
35. Sam - Myrna watching Junior boys jumping   Warrington from Kimberly   February 27, 1940


36. Eva & Alph Johansen; Alf Johansen & girlfriend, (now his wife), February 29, 1940
37. Ole in cross-country   Ole Johannsen starting cross-country, Feb 29/40
38. Dennis, Sam, Myrna   Dennis after Jump   Warrington from Kimberley
39. Main Drag at Banff    These big pictures were taken by Margaret Gale at Banff and I borrowed the negatives from her when she got back. This is the main street at Banff
40. The Lodge at Mt. Norquay   People could sit inside + watch the jumping and all the races from those big windows

Hutchinson Photo Group 18 (1940's)

Hutchinson Photo Group 19 (1940's)

Hutchinson Photo Group 20 (1940's)