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The 'Golden Age' On Hollyburn Mountain 
1936/1937 Ski Season

Canadian Ski Year Reports, Photos from HHS Archives

Hollyburn Ski Camp, 1937

Hollyburn Pacific Ski Club

The season 1936-37 proved to be a very successful one for the Club both in ski-ing and general conditions, the new clubhouse having been completed and a large increase in membership was noted. This cabin has accommodation upstairs for 26 boys, and the main floor provides a fine meeting place for club members. The roof of the cabin serves a double purpose in keeping out the elements, and provides the inrun for the club jumping hill. Snow conditions during the first four weeks of the season proved to be excellent as we had fine dear weather, and light dry powder snow.

The first tournament held this season was in the nature of an elimination to select a team to represent our club in the "Noseeums" Kandahar race held on Grouse Mountain, January 24. The team selected to represent the club, consisted of Gus Johnson, Ace Lindsay. George Bury, and Bill Brown. This proved to be a good selection as the boys were successful in winning the event for our Club despite some very fast competition. As well as winning the team and individual men's competition our Club was successful in winning the ladies race, as Daisy Bourdon, our ace lady skier took this event.

General excitement ran high through the early part of the season as everyone was looking forward to the forthcoming Dominion Championships at Banff. Despite this, the Club found time to sponsor the "Novice" Championships for the Hollyburn Ridge district, in Slalom, Downhill, Cross-Country and Jumping. These four events were split up into two consecutive weekends. and proved instrumental in bringing to light a great many promising young skiers, who, by their performances proved to be Novices in name only. Competitors ski-ing in the name of this Club showed up well, and proved to be too good for Novices from other clubs and those unattached.

With this event out of the way ski-conscious members of the Club started serious training for the Dominion Championships.

A party was held in the Clubhouse on February 21. proving highly successful, the proceeds of which were used to defray expenses of the Club team going to Banff.

The Club Championships next held the interest of the members upon completion of the Dominion Championships, The first events were the Cross-Country Races and Jumping Competition, held on Sunday, April 11, followed by the Downhill and Slalom events on April 18.

The official season wound up with the annual prize-giving and banquet held at the Pacific Athletic Club, which proved a great success, leaving all members with pleasant memories of a very eventful season, and with the summer social activities to look forward to. During the summer the first Annual Vancouver Ski Zone Skier's Basket Picnic was held on Newcastle Island. A fine cup presented by Shore's Jewellers was put up for inter-club competition at the picnic. to be won by the club obtaining the highest aggregate in a series of softball games and tug of war events. Our Club proved successful in taking home the trophy in its initial appearance for inter-club competition.

Prospects at the time of writing appear very bright for a highly successful 1937-38 season. All we have to do now, is, wait for old man weather to send us a fine lot of snow.

The new executive elected at the Annual Meeting last April consists of R. A. Forrest, President; Dave Fladgate, Vice-President; Wm. Sutherland, Treasurer; Helen Morris, Secretary.

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Vancouver Ski Club

A ski club's success and progress depends largely upon the support of the individual members of that club. Excellent co-operation in competitions and social functions made the season 1936-37 another red letter one in the history of the Vancouver Ski Club.

A splendid showing was given by our competitors at the Dominion Ski Championships at Banff. Tom Mobraaten placed third in the Jumping, Iosing second place by onlv one-tenth of a point to Sverre Kofterud of Norway. Forty members of our club made the trip to Banff to lend their enthusiastic support to the Coast competitors. The tournament was excellently run. and did a great deal towards cementing the already friendlv relations between the East and the West.

Our new Club Cabins on Hollyburn Ridge were lent to the Provincial Forestry Department this fall, to house a contingent of eighteen boys who for three months were busily engaged in cutting new ski trails. widening the old ones, and clearing practice slopes for the beginners.

The Club Championships, all events. were held on March 14 and 21. Full results follow:

A Class: First, Tom Mobraaten, 38.07; second, Brian Muir; 38.38; third, Stan Lorentzen, 40.37.
B Class: First, Marius Swedahl, 40.31; second, Sid Smith; 42.02; third, Brian Creer, 42.18.
C Class: First, Pussy Knowlton, 26.44; second, Sam Willock, 29.15.
Juniors: First, Ted Sproule, 27.41; second, AI Bennett; 28.14; third, Ewart Parnum, 35.28.

A Class: First, Earl Young, 132.5; second, Ben Harstad, 127.9; third, Tom Mobraaten, 100.5.
B Class: First, Jack Abrahamson,140.4; second, Marius Swedahl, 44.0.
C Class : First, Pussy Knowlton, 109.8; second, Eric Larsen, 98.9; third, Vic Stevens. 90.0.
Juniors: First, AI Bennett, 118.3; second, Ted Sproule, 112.9.

A Class: Tom Mobraaten.
B Class: Marius Swedahl.

A Class: First, Mickey Mitchell; second. Dave Holliday.
B Class: First, Glen McDonald; second. Harold Barrett.

A Class: First, Art Hullah; second, Tom Mobraaten.
B Class: First, Glen McDonald; second, Pussy Knowlton.

A Class: Mickey Mitchell.
B Class: Glen McDonald.

A Class: First, Peggy Mobraaten: second, Beth Crickmay.
B Class: First.,Dorothy Montserrat; second, Elsie Adamson.

A Class: First, Peggy Mobraaten; second, Thelma Hutchinson.
B Class: First, Dorothy Montserrat; second, Evelyn Shewring.

A Class: Peggy Mobraaten
B Class: D. Montserrat.

Canadian Ski Year Reports Courtesy of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame & Museum