Welcome to the website of the Hollyburn Heritage Society. Although the website includes content far beyond Hollyburn Lodge at First Lake, it is all linked in some way to the Lodge, the people that owned, operated and/or worked at the Lodge, and to the succeeding generations who have enjoyed and continue to enjoy its unique character and recognize its important place in the history of our community.

There is much on the website for you to peruse & enjoy. (Currently there are 178 pages.) A recommended starting point is the "Site Map", which gives you an overview of the entire website and links to all the pages. Tony Flower's nostalgic, heart-warming tribute to Fred Burfield and the Burfield family, "Called To Higher Ground", is a good introduction to the colourful history of Hollyburn Mountain. 

The PAST (pre 2011) is the main focus of the pages listed under "Mtn Lodges", "Mtn Cabins", Mtn Sports", "Recreational Skiing", and "Hiking". The PRESENT (post 2010) is the main focus of  the pages listed under "Cypress Now".