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Press Release from the District of West Vancouver

Restoration of historic West Vancouver ski lodge to keep 
North Shore’s mountain sport heritage alive

Tuesday, November 25, 2014, West Vancouver, BC — There were no ski lifts, no quick-release bindings, no GPS to guide you through the mountains – but there was plenty of camaraderie, warm fires for skiers’ cold hands and feet, Saturday night dances and a shared love of the North Shore mountains at West Vancouver’s Hollyburn Lodge.

And new chapters of Hollyburn Lodge’s rich history will be written going forward. The District of West Vancouver, Cypress Mountain and BC Parks are pleased to announce that the reconstruction of the beloved landmark will begin in spring 2015, with a targeted 2015-16 ski season opening.

Since 1998, the Hollyburn Heritage Society has been advocating for the restoration of the lodge, as well as collecting and sharing the history of the North Shore mountains. The planned restoration further cements the protection of Hollyburn’s heritage. “This is a long-awaited milestone,” says Don Grant, chairman of the society. “The lodge and cabin community are such a vital part of West Vancouver’s history – it is wonderful to know they will be there to tell the story of our early mountain pioneers well into the future.”

In 2011, long-term permits were put in place legitimizing the 87-year presence of cabins on the West Vancouver lands near the lodge.  “We speak of preserving neighbourhood character in West Vancouver. Hollyburn Lodge and the hundred cabins on Hollyburn are one of the most original neighbourhoods we have,” Mayor Michael Smith notes. ”It will be great to see the Hollyburn Lodge rebuilt because it is the heart of that community.”

Cypress Mountain general manager Bobby Swain and his team have been working with the Hollyburn Heritage Society for over 15 years to consolidate the funding model for the renewal of historic First Lake site. In this unique partnership, Cypress will retain the asset on their park use permit. The Cypress Mountain ownership group, CNL Lifestyle Properties, will contribute the majority of the capital required to rebuild the facility, which will open under a Community Use Agreement.  “Our goal is to move the lodge from a one-season to a two-season facility open to the public,” says Swain

Cypress’s commitment was the starting point for the project, and along with Olympic legacy funds held by BC Parks and financial contributions by the District of West Vancouver, the present budget for restoration sits at $800,000. Further fundraising by both the District and Cypress are underway to ensure the lodge captures the feel of the past with the required features of the present. Hollyburn Ridge Association, in collaboration with the West Vancouver Community Foundation are supporting fundraising efforts. Donations can be made to the West Vancouver Foundation at westvanfoundation.com in the name of Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Initiative.

Media Contact: Jeff McDonald, Communications Director
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