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For more than 50 years, noted natural historian, Terry Taylor, has been exploring the trails and complex ecosystems on Hollyburn Ridge. This video, taken in early July 2013, gives us a sense of what it would be like to join Terry and other local, natural historians, including geology expert, David Cook, Juliet Pendray, her husband James Holkko, and Malcolm Hempellon, who joined him on this trip.

Photo Group 1 (Brothers Creek Trail & Lost Lake)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Clarification from Juliet regarding the term "amplexus", a term referred to in the video. "Amplexus" is a term for amphibians' reproductive embrace.  The Tailed frogs differ in that they have an organ of penetration - the "tail.")

Ascaphus truei: The tailed frogs are two species of frogs in the genus Ascaphus, the only taxon in the family Ascaphidae. The "tail" in the name is actually an extension of the male cloaca. The tail is one of two distinctive anatomical features adapting the species to life in fast-flowing streams. It is the only North American frog that reproduces by internal fertilization.

Photo Group 1 (James Holkko Collection)